Thoughts from my 30's

Me at 30 on the slopes.

Me at 30 on the slopes.

Well Dear Readers, I write to you from the very last day of my 30’s. Tomorrow at 9:44am I will have been on this beautiful planet for 40 years. Boy, time does fly when you are having fun.

I thought I would spend part of this last day of 39 to reflect on this last decade and what I’m looking forward to in the next 40 years.

I know that some people don’t dig birthdays and might be freaked out by 40, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been looking forward to becoming an old lady for a long time, and getting to this milestone means I’m getting closer. I have dreams of being an old lady wearing a muumuu and pulling out mints and other useful things out of my purse. I dream of being at dinner at 4:30. I can’t wait to tell stories from my life and keep younger people entertained with these tales. I hope to be an old lady that people look forward to hanging out with because you never know what might happen.

Anyways, back to reflecting on my 30’s. I know I’ve heard people say your 30’s is where you find yourself. I’m not sure how much I buy into that, but I do know that I’ve figured out things that I am passionate about and love to do, and want to spend my energy and time on.

I love being outside in my gardens. It makes me so happy to work in the dirt and to watch plants come to life. I love watching my gardens evolve and grow.

One of my favorite rugs I’ve made.

One of my favorite rugs I’ve made.

I’ve also figured out my art, and what I love to make in my 30’s. When I reflect back on this process, I love it and am proud of the things I make. I get so much joy from the idea of other people having my art in their home too.

I’ve found my career calling in my day job. It took awhile to find environmental education, but in my 30’s is when I feel like I really felt like I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and followed that rocky path (naturalist joke). I’ve had amazing jobs and have been able to do amazing things and see amazing nature (that’s a lot of amazing). I’ve had experiences that made me realize that I’m happiest being a doer and there is nothing wrong with letting go of ambition and being content in doing.

In my 30’s we bought our house and have made it our home and inspiration. We got married…again (for legalities sake). We’ve added furry and feathery members to our family. We’ve had adventures great and small. We’ve experienced sadness and loss, but also so much happiness, joy and hope. We’ve hosted squash squishing parties and chicken baby showers. I’ve driven a boat with a raccoon and had a mouse in my pants. We’ve laughed so much and cried a bit (both about the mouse).

Whew it’s been a whirlwind.

Max and I on his Gotcha day and my 34th Birthday.

Max and I on his Gotcha day and my 34th Birthday.

So what about 40? I’m taking this change in decades to make a bucket list of 40 things to do for my 40th year. I love lists very much, and I love the idea of adding some fun and adventure to this year with a quest. I still have a few hours to hone the list but here are a few of the ideas so far.

  • read 40 books

  • master pie baking in 40 tries or less

  • find 40 geocaches

  • spend 1000 hours outside

  • make a video or podcast with a friend

  • visit a place I’ve always wanted to

  • write and mail 40 notes of gratitude

  • buy 40 handmade items

  • give $40 each month to a cause I believe in

  • Hike the MD portion of the AT

  • Write 40 stories, no matter how short

Me on my birthday tiny home adventure.

Me on my birthday tiny home adventure.

That’s just a few of them for now. I’m so looking forward to this quest and so looking forward to this next year and all that it has to give. I’m also hoping to finding causes that I care about and find a way to help. I’m also hoping to work on trying things that scare me a bit (like talking to strangers).

So as 39 draws to a close I’m so thankful for the adventures, joys and lessons of the last decade and I’m excited to leap into 40 and beyond.

Muumuu’s and Purse Mints,