Coneflower in our front gardens.

Coneflower in our front gardens.

Our Story

Katrina Fauss and Susan Williams are the artists and craftswomen of Marsh Farm Designs.

Marsh Farm Designs was born of our desire to craft art for both home and play out of natural, reclaimed, and sustainable materials.

Our art is crafted from our hearts and by our hands in our own studio and workshop. We use predominately natural, reclaimed, or sustainable items such as wool fiber and yarn, recycled wool clothing items, unused building materials, and sustainable lumber. Whenever possible, we source our supplies from local donation centers, charity thrift shops, and flea markets or locally owned small businesses and sawmills.

This desire to preserve and support our local community extends to our personal lives as well. We purchased our home, which we named Marsh Farm, in 2012. After many years of non-sustainable farming practices, the 2.72 acres was in rough shape. We are working to return the land to its natural state by mechanically removing invasive species with very limited use of chemicals and replanting the land with native, non-invasive species. Our vegetable garden expands every year, with the goal of growing and preserving enough of our own produce to get us through the year. Our “livestock” currently consists of 2 rescue rabbits, 2 feisty cats and 1 adorable Beagle-Jack Russell mix!

We sincerely hope you love and enjoy what we have created as much as we loved and enjoyed creating it!